Domain does not work with my hosting account

  If you have just registered a NEW domain name (please allow up to 12 hours for the domain name registration to be processed) which you want to use with an existing hosting account with us the first step you will need to do is to add the domain name inside your Web Hosting Control panel (cPanel, Plesk, WebSitePanel). You can add the domain name as addon domain name or domain alias (parked domain name). For more information on how to manage your domain names in your hosting control please, follow our:

Online step-by-step tutorials.
The second step required is for you to update the domain DNS servers with the proper DNS servers associated with your hosting account with us. 

You will find your account DNS servers within your account activation (Welcome) email. 
You can either contact our support for the DNS servers to be changed or you can follow the instructions below to update the DNS servers through our billing system:

1) Login to our billing and support system with your registered email and password at:

2) From the top menu point on "Service" and then select the 2nd link "Order New Service"
3) Click on the domain name for which you'd like to update the DNS servers
4) On the left site of the screen under Domain Utilities click on "Change DNS"
5) Type in the desired DNS servers which you'd like to use for your domain name registered with us.
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